What’s next?

We will reflect on the findings and use them to inform how we design and deliver future services. The data maturity framework will be used as part of our efforts to diagnose and support social sector organisations to improve their use of data. We will continue to raise awareness of the power and potential of […]

Three pieces of good news

Do you wonder if your charity could be making better use of its data? Do you think planning in your social enterprise could be improved through better use of evidence and analysis? Do you look at the task of becoming more sophisticated in the use of data and find it so daunting you can’t imagine […]

Get help with data

We know many charities and social enterprises are grappling with the challenges of data. Data Orchard and DataKind provide support and services to help. Data services for charities and social enterprises Here are some of the things on offer following our Data Evolution project: Here are some of the things on offer following our Data […]

About the project

Background The Data Evolution project came about because two organisations, Data Orchard and DataKind UK, share a goal: ‘To help organisations working for good in the world, to use data to achieve greater impact.’ Having worked with many charities and social enterprises we noticed there were certain stages in their data development. Of course, no […]

The data maturity framework

Our data maturity framework is designed to help you understand where your organisation is in terms of its use of data and where it could get to. You can download and use the model under a Creative Commons Licence. Download the data maturity framework (this version has been designed to be easier to use, alternative versions […]

The final report

The Data Evolution project was a research project looking at data maturity in charities and social enterprises. It involved hundreds of people and organisations. We have published our final report for you to use in your organisation. Our reports are available to download and use under a Creative Commons licence. Download the summary report (for […]

Countdown to 31 July 2016

We are asking people who work for any charity or social enterprise in England or Wales to spare us 5 minutes of their time to answer a few questions. This will really help us to understand data use in the sector. Everyone who takes part will have a chance to win £100 for their charity […]

Three questions trustees should ask about data

The Data Evolution project is looking into data maturity in charities and social enterprises. Ultimately we want to help social sector organisations make better use of data to plan, target and demonstrate the impact of their services. There are many factors that make it easier or harder for organisations to become more sophisticated with data. […]

What do we mean when we talk about data?

Data Here at the Data Evolution project we are pretty comfortable talking about data. It’s in the name of the project after all. And in the name of both of our partners (DataKind UK and Data Orchard CIC). But what do we actually mean by that word ‘data’? Broad definition If you take our survey […]