Data Maturity Literature Review: Appendices

These are the appendices to the Data Maturity in the Social Sector 2016 report. Appendix 1 Key Sources on Data Maturity Accenture, Analytics Maturity Assessment, Netherlands 2015 Anderson C.,”Creating a Data-Driven organisation: practical advice from the trenches“, 2015 Booz, Allan & Hamilton,  “The Field Guide to Data Science“, 2015 (2nd Edition). (Lit. Review list & Data […]


Background Our first step in the project was to work out what data maturity means and what models and frameworks already existed.   In May 2016 we published a short report on what we found.   This led us to the conclusion that we needed to create our own framework and set out some important definitions […]

Will you be our test pilot?

We would like to pilot our survey We are busily working on developing an online survey to launch on 6 June 2016. The way we think this is likely to work is: On 6 June we will publish a short online survey that anyone from any charity or social enterprise will be able to take […]

Progress (and data) on publicity

We launched the Data Evolution project last week. We’ve been writing to organisations, especially local infrastructure organisations. We thought you’d be interested to see the distribution of charities and social enterprises we’ve written to so far. This distribution is based on the postcode of the head office. It reflects the fact that we’ve contacted organisations […]

We’ve arrived

Hello world! We’ve been waiting for a long time to say that. In fact Emma Prest first wrote about the project back in December. But finally the Data Evolution project is go. Why should you care? Data is important. We don’t need to tell you that. Across the social sector we know people recognise that […]

About us

Data Evolution is being delivered by With generous support from To be successful the project will need the help and assistance of hundreds of charities and social enterprises right across England and Wales.