What we learned from the Hereford workshop

Yesterday was the second Data Evolution workshop. We were very pleased to be able to welcome Herefordshire, Shropshire and Wales based organisations to the RNC’s Gardner Hall in Hereford. The general structure of the workshop was the same as our recent London workshop. We’ve once again asked Ben Proctor from Data Orchard to give us […]

Where can you get help with data?

We have started to compile a list of organisations that provide data support to charities and/or social enterprises. You can view the list of data support providers now. We’ve embedded the list at the bottom of this page too. We hope this will be an evolving list. If you are or know of other organisations […]

Marketing update number 3

We’re been writing to a range of organisations. In particular (but not exclusively) Councils for Voluntary Action/Service to ask them to spread the word about our survey which goes live on 6 June. This map shows the locations of the organisations we have contacted so far. If we’ve missed your area or if you can […]

Seven steps towards becoming a data driven organisation

Over the past couple of months we’ve been finding out what existing work has been done on Data Maturity and what we can learn from it. We’ve been trawling the internet, reading the literature, and interviewing some leading people with relevant knowledge and expertise Our full report is available now. This post draws out some of […]

Will you be our test pilot?

We would like to pilot our survey We are busily working on developing an online survey to launch on 6 June 2016. The way we think this is likely to work is: On 6 June we will publish a short online survey that anyone from any charity or social enterprise will be able to take […]

Progress (and data) on publicity

We launched the Data Evolution project last week. We’ve been writing to organisations, especially local infrastructure organisations. We thought you’d be interested to see the distribution of charities and social enterprises we’ve written to so far. This distribution is based on the postcode of the head office. It reflects the fact that we’ve contacted organisations […]