Get help with data

We know many charities and social enterprises are grappling with the challenges of data.

Data Orchard and DataKind provide support and services to help.

Data services for charities and social enterprises

Here are some of the things on offer following our Data Evolution project:

Here are some of the things on offer following our Data Evolution project:

Data Evolution seminar. Presentation of the findings of this research and facilitation of discussions with your organisation or network about data maturity and the future.

Data and analytics assessment. A confidential assessment of data maturity in your organisation using our newly developed tool.

Data Audit. Compilation of a register of data assets, evaluate your data and systems, and make recommendations for future action.

If you want help to collect the right data, analyse it in useful and meaningful ways, and build your skills, tools and capabilities so your data works for your cause contact Data Orchard now.

Data analysis projects

If your organisation is looking to move to the next stage of data maturity and wants to undertake a data analysis project then get in touch with DataKind UK.

They have a community of pro bono data scientists and specialise in managing data science projects with social sector organisations – in fact it’s all they do! 

Other services

As part of the project we also compiled a list of other services available to charities and/or social enterprises. You can view the list of data support providers now. We hope this will be an evolving list.

If you provide data support add your details to the list here add new data support providers directly.

Join the community

Data Orchard supports a community of social sector organisations with insights, news and events. It’s free to join the network. We’d really love it if you signed up.