The final report

The Data Evolution project was a research project looking at data maturity in charities and social enterprises. It involved hundreds of people and organisations. We have published our final report for you to use in your organisation. Our reports are available to download and use under a Creative Commons licence.

Download the summary report

(for those who like pith and concision)

Front cover of summary report

Download the full report

(for people who like detail… and appendices)

Front cover of full report

The research led to the development of a data maturity framework for the voluntary sector.

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Data Orchard supports a community of social sector organisations with insights, news and events. It’s free to join the network. We’d really love it if you signed up.

Further help and support

If your organisation is looking to move to the next stage of data maturity and wants to undertake a data analysis project then get in touch with DataKind UK. They have a community of pro bono data scientists and specialise in managing data science projects with social sector organisations – in fact it’s all they do!

If you would like a review of data maturity in your organisation from a friendly data specialist then get in touch with Data Orchard. They can help you review the data you have, work out how to collect the right data, how to analyse it, and how to manage and build so your data works for your cause. They also offer presentations and training.