We’ve arrived

Black and white picture of an old fashioned operator juxtaposed with abstract infographics

Hello world!

We’ve been waiting for a long time to say that.

In fact Emma Prest first wrote about the project back in December.

But finally the Data Evolution project is go.

Why should you care?

Data is important.

We don’t need to tell you that.

Across the social sector we know people recognise that data is an asset to their charity or social enterprise.

Every organisation is different, their data is different, their services are different.

Understanding where you are on a data journey (and so what the next step should be) is tough. And it’s tough to design projects to help charities and social enterprises without understanding the same issues.

This project is going to develop a framework to understand how different sorts of charities and social enterprises approach the use of data. We want to understand the journey (or probably “journeys”) that organisations take to make better use of their data.

This is not academic research. We are organisations that want to get stuck in and make a difference.

This is research that will lead to practical help for charities and social enterprises.

We need your help

We have a survey launching online on 6 June. It will take only a couple of minutes to complete. We really need you to take part in that and to encourage other charities and social enterprises to do the same.

You can sign up right now to be reminded when the survey launches.

If you have newsletters or networks of your own we’ve got some resources to make it really easy for you to spread the word.

If we get good participation from across England and Wales in this initial survey the rest of the research should be a breeze (that’s what we keep telling ourselves).

Your help could make all the difference.


We also hope that the Data Evolution project will bring together the data community in the social sector. We’ll be sharing interesting things here on the blog and on our Twitter account.

Oh and we have some awesome workshops at the end of May. One workshop is in Herefordshire and one workshop is in London. Please come, or make your chief executive come.

We’ll be here all summer. Please keep in touch.

Hello World!