What we learned at the London workshop

Yesterday (Thursday 19 May) we ran the first of our Data Evolution workshops. The second workshop takes place next week in Herefordshire (book now).

It was a packed session and we’re still digesting the outputs. We asked Ben from Data orchard who facilitated the workshop to give us his top five instant reactions.

This is what he said:

1. Data in the social sector is an issue. It is clear that this is something charities and social enterprises are giving thought to right across the country.

2. Getting to grips with data is hard. If it was easy we’d all be doing it. It affects all parts of the organisation and requires culture change and leadership alongside practical adaptations and new technologies.

3. It is right to think about data as a journey. Organisations don’t wake up one day and suddenly become data-driven. It is a process of becoming more confident and sophisticated with data. You can always get better.

4. There is an demand across the sector for more and better help and support with tackling these issues. Demand, currently, significantly outstrips supply. We hope that our project will help to target support more effectively.

5. There are some amazing people working in this space right now and some great experiences. If you are wrestling with data issues in your charity or social enterprise: be proud, you are in excellent company.
This Storify gives you a flavour of the event

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