What we learned from the Hereford workshop

Yesterday was the second Data Evolution workshop. We were very pleased to be able to welcome Herefordshire, Shropshire and Wales based organisations to the RNC’s Gardner Hall in Hereford.

The general structure of the workshop was the same as our recent London workshop. We’ve once again asked Ben Proctor from Data Orchard to give us his initial thoughts on what we learned:

1. Examples of how other organisations are using data are really powerful. We had two case study talks and they really set the tone for the discussion.
2. There is strength in diversity. We had a huge range of organisations in terms of focus, size and type. Having that diversity really increased the learning and sharing.
3. Some organisations can find it challenging to publish data when it may reveal that some of their interventions didn’t work well. We heard a really powerful story from one our attendees of how being fully open with a funder has created a really strong relationship of trust.
4. The question of open data surfaced more strongly here than in London. It seems clear that many social sector organisations haven’t yet orientated themselves towards publishing some of their own data under open licences.
5. We had the opportunity to explore data maturity models in a little more depth than we had in London. There was a sense that such models could be interesting but they would need to be carefully calibrated to the sector (or to particular areas within the sector)

You can read what we learned from the London workshop too.

The next task ahead of us is the launch of our survey on 6 June. Please spread the word about that amongst your colleagues.

Here’s a flavour of the London event from Twitter